Together means all of us

Means all of us

Join us on our journey to becoming an anti-racist organization.

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Action creates

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In June 2020, we created the Peloton Pledge: a concrete action plan to combat systemic inequities. This plan addresses our internal culture and our principles, as well as a strategy for amplifying change both in our company and our community. It is an ambitious commitment that lays out our anti-racist vision with honesty, transparency and accountability.


We have an enormous responsibility to do our part to combat systemic racism. Through the Peloton Pledge, we are committed to ensuring that we use our resources, platform, and influence to help change our society for the better - into a place where everyone can and will thrive.

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Supporting Those Who Uplift Our Communities

We are taking a multi-tiered approach and partnering with leading, action-oriented organizations whose work helps ensure mental health and physical fitness are accessible to all.

Fitness for Everyone

Create Inclusive And Accessible Experiences for Members

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We seek to cultivate a diverse and inclusive Member community. We will track and report sentiment around inclusion, community, and representation across our Member community and apply learnings to how we research, design and create products, content, and experiences.

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It Starts
With Us

We’re a Work in Progress

Charlene B., Program Manager, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Charlene B.Program Manager, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Xavier G., Senior Copywriter
Xavier G.Senior Copywriter

We’re not perfect, we know, but we are putting in the work. Through our growing DEI team, anti-racism conversation series and inclusion learning journeys, we are pushing ourselves to move toward meaningful and measurable change.

Building up the Ones Around Us

Strengthening Our Team From the Inside Out

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We know everyone isn’t provided with the same opportunities to thrive and realize their potential. That’s why we’re making an effort to level the playing field. By investing in learning, development and growth opportunities, and applying an equity lens to all our efforts, we aim to provide our team members with the tools and resources to turn their aspirations into reality.

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Investing in Economic Equity

Taking Care of Our Own

We commit to continue offering a starting hourly rate of no less than $19.00 for all hourly non-sales commissioned roles, and equally competitive entry rates for equivalent roles in all other markets where we operate. We also plan to maintain 100% pay equity across gender and race/ethnicity and will continue to conduct a global pay equity study on an annual basis and address any identified pay gaps.

We Will Continue to Push Forward Together

And together means all of us. Watch this space as we continue to push ourselves and what’s possible.

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